Down in Monterey

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Got to the gym yesterday morning at 5.30am after feeling very guilty and fat after yesterday. Had a healthy 2 eggs and toast breakfast and jumped in a Mustang and drove thru' Carmel and some amazing golf courses, down Californian Highway 1 (for 5 hour round trip) so lots of sitting but spectacular scenery. Last night had dinner at 'Casanovas in Carmel by the Sea' and had the most delicious medium rare lamb 'chops' I've ever tasted. Been here 2 days and haven't seen Clint Eastwood yet. Just about to go to the famous aquarium in Monterey and 'be good'.

Off the chain

Flew from LA to Monterey. Staying in marine sanctuary. Beautiful hotel on Cannery Row. Very grateful.

OMG... Three course breakfast, three course lunch, cocktails and a four course dinner. Today was pretty much 'off the chain! Granola, berries and salmon were some good choices...

It's Tuesday... so it must be Santa Monica

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It has been a whirlwind since my last post. I'm in America for two weeks and as always the stress of going away makes me really need a holiday! Only the usual - work, home, children, dog, elderly mother etc. but we got on the plane!

I'm in trouble with my trainer for not posting and got a text yesterday from him as he's worried that I'm going to bring the fat, old lady back home with me. At this stage of my trip so am I.

It's going to be difficult here in the US to stay on track as even the portions of good food are 4x what I need to eat. Yesterday we had lunch at Malibu on the pier and almost everything was deep fried. So the answer will be lots of exercise - hotel gyms, pools and lots of walking.

Dinner last night was one of my favorite restaurants in the 'whole world'. Last time I was in LA we went to The Border Grill and it was fantastic to go again. It's a creative, modern Mexican restaurant, run by two celebrity chefs who have a cable food channel show called Two Hot Tomales. Wonderful salads, spicy lamb soft tacos, ceviche (raw fish 'cooked' with lime juice and ginger), guacamole, chicken (fried) with more hard tacos, beans and a great sauce. Sorry, but I also had to have two margaritas (...when in Rome).

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