Water and steamed rice... Yum

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Singapore would have to be the best place in the world to be at the moment.

We were at Level 33 (a bar ... 2 beers is the answer to your text Alex...it was hot) overlooking the GP track, amazing harbour, light show... amazing+, when the qualifying rounds started... OMG what an unforgettable sound. It gave me goosebumps... so exciting.

So ... alcohol... I've had 4 drinks since arriving Thurs night. Omelettes and toast for breakfast at the enormous buffet - food generally pretty good - minced chicken and steamed rice, steak sandwich, steamed fish and vegetables. Snack may have been cheese and water crackers and a glass of Moet but by a resort style pool with friends, it was perfect. Lots of walking. And lots and lots of water.

I've brought my protein powder with me and will have a shake before we are out today. Went to the gym at the hotel this morning. My husband took a photo as proof - not my best side, sorry - so it's not going up for the world to see!

Lunch planned with unlimited 'flowing champagne'. Mmmm might be a bit tricky. What's my strategy? I'm sure there will be lots of flowing water as well!

And my first Grand Prix tonight. Can't wait.

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