The Nine Week Weight Loss Challenge

Saturday, September 8, 2012

I had my goal session for the Weight Loss Challenge on Thursday morning. The world's worst photo was taken and it really is only up from here!

We talked about the next nine weeks and how I'd like to lose nine kilos. Apparently, I need to do a minimum of four hours of cardio each week to reach that goal, so need to work on an exercise plan.

I've also lost 0.5kg in the past 3 days, but that's nothing to get too excited about.

I was feeling really drained on Thursday and decided to go to my GP for a check up. It had been a while and I thought perhaps I could compare any results with those after the challenge. Was it the first accelerator day that made me feel so bad or was there something else? Had all the usual tests and they came back "perfect", so I may have just been overdoing it. Any bad results would have been motivation to stay on track, but I'm going to have to use all the other reasons to lose weight.

I also saw my physiotherapist. Dave and his team at Sports Lab, Drummoyne (best ever) have worked wonders with my knees in the past and he needs to work on them and now my hips, if I'm going to be able to move for the next nine weeks. I also had a half hour massage on my hips/thighs - overcompensating for my bad knee and sore and inflamed. Oh, the joys of middle age. 

It was great to see Dave and I left feeling fantastic and walking normally (sometimes it's just too painful). Congratulations on the amazing new digs - they've moved into their new space. I've also got some non load bearing exercises to do and some Volarin to take. I haven't been to the physio since November, around the time my weight started to pile (back) on. It really is something I just need to do. 

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