Shopping Tour

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Did the Shopping Tour at Coles. I've done a few and it was really to remind me of what's available and especially what's new. Jenny was full of fantastic tips throughout the tour and it was great! I recommend it to everyone.

I took lots of notes and left with a basket of new interesting things.

Things I need to do:
Vege/fruit smoothie in AM
Large mushroom filled with mince
Mushroom hamburger (mushroom instead of bread)
Cauliflower mash

What I learnt:
1/4 of avocado is ok
Preferably milk and yogurt (not so much cheese ) as dairy
12 almonds are ok
Smoked salmon frittata made in cupcake moulds
Ribeye and porterhouse steak is preferable to scotch filet (too much fat)
Lamb is not great
Chicken breasts preferable to thighs
Almond milk is good
Might as well drink full cream milk because of sugar content in skim milk

Things I'd forgotten:
Smoked salmon
Rockmelon and prosciutto
Green tea spikes metabolism
Batch cooking in my slow cooker using packaged sauces

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