The moment of truth

Friday, September 14, 2012

I had an important function at Parliament House to attend on Wednesday night. It meant a new outfit and (new) hair - both very quickly on Wednesday afternoon.

After hair, I went to David Jones to quickly grab something appropriate. Walking around the racks I don't think I've ever felt so depressed. I was in the 'fat lady section' and everything was 'for old fat ladies'. It was all awful. I ventured out of the section and everything else was just a 'smallish' 14 or 16. Right now, I'm definitely an 18.

It was the realisation of what I'd let myself get to. How much weight I'd put on. I won't mention the struggles in the change room with things that were just too tight.

I went into two change rooms. One was lit so brightly that I just wanted to run screaming to my car and go home. The other was quite dim and it made the extremely boring grey suit (think Penny Wong), that I came home with, look OK. It is so dull however that it is an incentive to lose weight so it doesn't fit me for too much longer.

I really just felt like crying.

Image: Pinterest

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